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Config Reference

Configuration Structure#

configProperties: ...           # struct    | required | Specify config properties
application: ...                # struct    | required | Specify application configuration


configProperties:                   version: v2                 # string    | required | config file version    envFile: null               # string    | optional | env file name, substitution variable for this file


Application is a concept of Nocalhost. An application consists of a set of Kubernetes manifests. These manifests contain resources descriptions of all the components you want to deploy.

Nocalhost allows you to customize the deployment and development of these components.

application:                        name: foo-app               # string    | required | Application name    manifestType: rawManifest   # string    | required | Application k8s manifest type    resourcePath: []            # string[]  | required | Set the application resource path    helmVersion: 0.0.1          # string    | optional | Set default application version for helmRepo    helmValues: ...             # struct    | optional | Overwrite Helm values.yaml    ignoredPath: []             # string[]  | optional |     <HOOKS>: ...                # struct    | optional | Application Hooks    env: ...                    # struct    | optional | Inject environment variable for all workload when installed    envFrom: ...                # struct    | optional | Use envFile to inject environment variable for all workload when installed    services: ...               # struct    | optional | Applications' services configurations

Application Hooks#


Nocalhost provides a hook mechanism to allow developers to intervene at certain points in a deployment's life cycle. For example, you can use hooks to:

  • Execute a Job to back up a database before deploy an application
  • Run a job before deleting a release to gracefully take a service out of rotation before removing it

Read more to learn how to use application hooks

application.helmVersion and application.helmValues#

Helm application relative configuration which only take effect for deployment of Helm application.

helmVersion: 0.0.1
helmValues:    - kye: ""                   # string    | The Helm chart value key      value: ""                 # string    | The Helm chart values

Read more to learn how to configure Helm application deployment

application.env and application.envFrom#

env: []
envFrom:    envFile: []                 # string[]  | optional | Use envFile to inject environment variable for all workload 

Read more about how to set up environment variables

A Kubernetes application of microservice architecture consists of multiple microservices in the broad sense. Each microservice is a Kubernetes workload in the narrow sense.

Nocalhost inherits this concept, and the services here corresponds to the microservices in the application. Therefore, Nocalhost's services can be seen as an enhancement to Kubernetes workload.

services gives you the options to configure the workloads that give you better deployment and development experiences.

services:    - name: ""                      # string    | required | Name of the workload, also is the display name in cluster      serviceType: ""               # string    | required | The Kubernetes Workloads type corresponding to the service      dependLabelSelector: ...      # struct    | optional | Dependent Pods label selector       container: ...                # struct    | optional | 

Service configurations are not essential, it will not affect the usage of Nocalhost without configuring it.

Read more to learn how to configure services