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DevContainer Best Practice

When Nocalhost controls the Pod to enter DevMode, the configured Dev Container Image will be started as DevContainer instead of the original container. After that, developers can build, run, and debug their own programs in DevContainer.

You can use the DevContainer image provided by us or customize it yourself.

Advices for Making DevContainer

You can use any Docker image to make DevContainer image, as long as it containers the basic shell (/bin/sh).

However, it is strongly recommended to provide a dedicated DevContainer image for the services of a specific technology stack. A good DevContainer image should:

  • Provide easy-to-use shells, such as: bash, zsh, etc.
  • Provide the basic SDK needed to build source code, such as JDK
  • Provide tool chains needed to build source code, such as git, maven, yarn, make, etc.
  • Provide third-party dependency packages or automatic download configuration required to build source code, such as Maven mirror source
  • Provide other debugging tools needed in the development process, such as gdb, curl, tcpdump, mysql-client, etc.
  • Do not include the source code of the service (the source code should be checked out locally through the source code management system and synchronized to the DevContainer.)

Nocalhost's DevContainer Image

Can download from DevContainer Image.

How to Configure DevContainer

  1. Select a workload,click to configure

  2. Change the image filed as following:

  - name: productpage
      env: []
        envFile: []
        - 39080:9080
      shell: bash

When debugging, Nocalhost will overwrite the startup command of DevContainer to /bin/sh -c tail -f /dev/null to ensure that DevContainer will not exit unexpectedly. For other changes made by Nocalhost under DevMode, please refer to DevMode.