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Deploy app


  • Configured Kubernetes Cluster (with 2 Core and 4G Memory) which can either be a cluster for local development, such as minikube or Docker Kubernetes cluster, or a remote cluster, such as Tencent TKE.
  • RBAC must be enabled in above cluster
  • Configured kubeconfig file that has namespace admin privilege
  • Visual Studio Code (1.52+)
  • Kubernetes api-server can be accessed internal and external

We using minikube to demonstrate, you can also deploy the sample application in any Kubernetes clusters

Deploy Application by Manifest

  1. Select any namespace,click icon
  2. Select Clone from Git in the popup box
  3. Enter our demo application's Git url:

  4. Select default branch, choose config.manifest.git.yaml type form the dropdown list

  5. Wait for installation finish then you can see your application in namespace