Goodbye, localhost!

Nocalhost is a cloud-native development tool based on IDE

What is Nocalhost?

Nocalhost Overview
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Bridge between Cloud and IDE

Code changes can instantly synchronize from IDE to cloud, see changes under seconds, without image commit, push or pull cycles.

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Space to Share Dev Environment

Developers can share the same development environment across the team, enjoying team collaboration.

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Extension Toolsets of Kubernetes

Nocalhost can help developers to build Kubernetes applications much easier and faster.

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Spotlight On Explore MicroServices

Developers can directly develop and debug remote designated microservices under the complex framework through Nocalhost.

Nocalhost is a new cloud-native development tool

LocalhostDev Mode

Everyone codes in an isolated way.

  • Hard to develop large applications with limited local resources
  • Difficult to setup and maintain the development environment
  • Difficult for collaborative debugging
  • Gap between development environment and production environment
NocalhostDev Mode

Nocalhost can empower any Kubernetes Cluster and upgrade it to a collaborative development environment for developers.

  • Easy to handle large application development with flexible cloud resources
  • Environment provisioning on demand
  • Easy to share the same development environment and collaborative debugging
  • Close to production environment

Why Nocalhost?

Explore the difference between development locally and development on the cloud.

See who uses Nocalhost

UISEE is China's leading autonomous driving company, using Nocalhost Server to pull up a development environment for AI applications with one click, using IDE plug-ins and one-click debugging to shorten the development cycle.
KuaiKan is a national comic IP platform and sharing community for young people in China, with over 340 million users. Use Nocalhost Server to manage the development environment based on Namespace isolation, and use IDE plug-ins to shorten the development cycle feedback.
Hongya Technology
Hongya Technology is a technology company that provides superior services for information technology-related majors. Its business includes teaching products and school-enterprise cooperation. It uses Nocalhost to improve business R&D efficiency (green pepper classroom).
Xiaoying Technology
Xiaoying Technology is an Internet company focusing on mobile video creation tools and services. The company was established in June 2012 and is headquartered in Hangzhou. Round of financing. Use Nocalhost to improve the research and development efficiency of machine learning projects in the K8s environment.

Developing Cloud-Native App with Nocalhost