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Announcing Nocalhost v0.5.6



Backend engineer at Nocalhost Team

Nocalhost v0.5.6 has been released, we've fixed some bugs, improved the performance and add some new features.

What's new?#

We recently shipped four major improvements:

Supports Node.js remote Run/Debug and HotReload in JetBrains#

Nocalhost now supports remote run/debug/HotReload of Node.js in JetBrains.

Learn more about how to configure Remote Debug of Node.js

Supports HotReload in JetBrains#

Nocalhost now supports HotReload when doing remote run/debug in JetBrains. When enabled this feature, Nocalhost will monitor real-time file changes and automatically re-execute the preset Run/debug commands without manually operation during the development or remote debugging.

Learn more about how to configure HotReload

Major update for Nocalhost Server#

New UI#

We've build a new Server Dashboard UI.

Try our new Nocalhost Sever


MeshSpace is based on Istio, allows you to share workloads by specifying header with independent routing.

Learn more about MeshSpace

Supports to share Kubernetes namespace#

You can easily share your Kubernetes namespace with anyone within your team by using Nocalhost Server.

Supports to store Nocalhost configuration in Kubernetes cluster#

You can now easily share your Nocalhost Configuration with anyone who is using the same Kubernetes cluster.

Other Updates#

Read the full changelogs of Nocalhost v0.5.6