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0.6.18 (2022-04.18)#

New Features:#

  • Support import namespace and users
  • Add Mesh devMode

0.6.16 (2022-03.25)#

New Features:#

  • Support linux arm64 platform
  • Support VPN proxy for CRD
  • Support special program language in DevConfig
  • Add entrance to display local syncthing admin page

Experience optimization:#

  • Optimize experience of adding cluster
  • Fix Jetbrains Java debugger print progress issue

0.6.12 (2022-01.12)#

New Features:#

  • Supports CRD development
  • Supports intercept traffic to local (Beta)
  • Supports connect to kubernetes cluster network (Beta)

Experience optimization:#

  • Friendly prompts when entering dev mode


  • reduce unnecessary error pop-ups
  • optimized the UI freeze problem


  • automatically install debug dependencies for golang
  • supports GBK encoding

0.6.8 (2021-12.14)#

New Features:#

  • VSCode-Plugin: Supports remote debug, e.g, java, go, python, ruby, php
  • Support for apps installed by kubevela
  • Supports for JetBrains 213.x build

Experience optimization#

  • Disable Edit Manifest menu in Duplicate-DevMode


  • Now you can fast locate your workload in the tree
  • Fix the problem that the local cluster is not displayed due to the failure of the cluster refresh


  • Combine the menu of Port Forward and Port Forward List

0.6.3 (2021-11.01)#

New Features:#

  • Supports one-click Run/Debug and HotReload in VSCode
  • Supports configure DevConfig in browser through IDE plugin
  • Supports amr64-osx
  • Auto position to the project when using Run/Debug
  • Check kubeconfig when adding to IDE plugin


  • Fix bugs when delete the associated project of workload
  • Fix high CPU usage when starting for the first time
  • Optimized the performance when K8s cluster is unavailable

0.6.0 (2021-10-15)#

New Features#

  • Supports Duplicate DevMode
  • Supports Dev Config gui tools
  • (VSCode) Supports remote debug、run、hotReload for Node and Golang


  • Supports file sync dir management
  • Supports Dev Config validation
  • Improve port-forward stability on containerd K8s cluster
  • Supports using git bash(unix shell) as default shell in windows
  • Generate 100-year validity certificate for Nocalhost-Dep
  • Supports external tcp and http dependency readiness probe in Nocalhost-Dep
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