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Hot Reload

What is Hot-Reload?#

The files you modify in the IDE will be synchronized to the remote container in real time, and your Run/Debug command will be re-executed.

Supported IDEs#

LanguageIDEEditionRequired Plugin
JavaIntelliJ IDEAUltimateN/A
GoIntelliJ IDEAUltimateGo plugin
PythonIntelliJ IDEAUltimatePython plugin
PHPIntelliJ IDEAUltimatePHP plugin
Node.jsIntelliJ IDEAUltimateN/A

How to enable Hot-Reload?#

  1. Select the workload that you want to Run/Debug
  2. Right-click the workload and select Dev Config, configure hotReload: true

Sample Configuration#

Nocalhost Configs
name: java-remote-runserviceType: deploymentcontainers:  - name: "reviews"    dev:        image:        shell: bash        workDir: /home/nocalhost-dev        command:          debug:            - ./gradlew            - bootRun            - --debug-jvm            - --no-daemon        hotReload: true        debug:          remoteDebugPort: 5005