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Remote Run

When you start the new container in Kubernetes cluster, Kubernetes will not start any process within this container. Nocalhost can uses run configurations to run your code in Kubernetes cluster like to use the run feature within IDE.

Supported IDEs#

LanguageIDEEditionRequired Plugin
JavaIntelliJ IDEAUltimateN/A
GoIntelliJ IDEAUltimateGo plugin
PythonIntelliJ IDEAUltimatePython plugin
PHPIntelliJ IDEAUltimatePHP plugin
Node.jsIntelliJ IDEAUltimateNode.js plugin

Remote Run Process#

  1. Select the workload that you want to run
  2. Right-click the workload and select Dev Config, configure your run configuration
  3. Then right-click this workload again and select Remote Run
  4. Nocalhost will automatically enter the DevMode and start remote run

Remote Run Configurations in IDE#

Before starting remote run, if you do not have a Nocalhost IDE run configuration under an existing workload, Nocalhost will create a new IDE run configuration according to your Nocalhost configuration. Different IDE has different configuration names and templates.

Multi Configs

If you already have a Nocalhost IDE run configuration under the existing workload, Nocalhost will use the first one to start running. You can change the order in the Run/Debug Configurations window within IDE.

Nocalhost run configurations in IDE


The development environment is different between developers. You should configure remote run configurations according to the actual situation.

These are important options for remote run:

  • Development Image: the image use to start development container
  • Run Command: the command to execute in the container for remote run
  • Container Port-Forwarding: the port-forwarding in development mode

Sample Configuration#

Nocalhost Configs
name: java-remote-runserviceType: deploymentcontainers:  - name: ""    dev:        gitUrl:        image:        shell: bash        workDir: /home/nocalhost-dev        command:          run:            - /home/nocalhost-dev/gradlew            - bootRun        debug:          remoteDebugPort: 5005        useDevContainer: false        sync:            type: send            filePattern:              - ./            ignoreFilePattern:              - .git              - .github        env:          - name: DEBUG            value: "true"        envFrom: null        portForward:          - 33333:9999