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What is Nocalhost?

Nocalhost is an open-source IDE plugin for cloud-native applications development:

  • Build, test and debug applications directly inside Kubernetes
  • IDE Support : providing the same debugging and developing experience you're used in the IDE even in the remote Kubernetes cluster
  • Developing with instant file synchronization: instantly sync your code change to remote container without rebuilding images or restarting containers.

How does it work?#

Nocalhost is composed of a single binary CLI and IDE extension. Ideally, you use it straight with your favourite IDE. Nocalhost does not require a server-side component as it communicates directly to your Kubernetes cluster using KubeConfig, just like kubectl.

Why Nocalhost?#

Building Kubernetes applications is often difficult, and it is even harder for large teams of developers. Nocalhost provides the most productive way to build cloud-native applications.

The advantages of using Nocalhost to develop directly inside Kubernetes are:

  • Production environment similarity - Dev environment is very similar to your production environment, giving you much more confidence that everything will work in the production environment when new features are released.
  • Speed up feedback loop - Via file synchronization, your code changes can take effect immediately in the container without rebuilding the image or redeploying the container.
  • Flexible scalability - Developers do not need to worry about insufficient local resources.
  • Reduce Cost - Use resources more efficiently and reduce IT facility costs

Develop in Kubernetes cluster can be useful in the following cases:

  • Limitations of local resources
  • Want to test your application in a production-like environment
  • Want to debug issues that are hard to reproduce on your local machine
  • Applications need to access cluster-internal services (e.g. Cluster DNS)

Key Features#

Coding in Kubernetes#

Nocalhost is preconfigured to work with your favourite IDEs, you can connect to any Kubernetes cluster with one click, and enjoying the coding in-cluster, get rid of the pesky local environment configurations.

Instant File Synchronization#

Nocalhost can automatically synchronize the code to the container every time you make a change. This way, eliminate the submit, building and pushing cycles, greatly speed up the feedback loop of development. So you see updates in under a second.

Made For Collaboration#

Nocalhost helps your team to standardize development workflows without requiring everyone on your team to become a Kubernetes expert.

  • Kubernetes and DevOps expert on your team can configure and manager Cluster, Applications, DevSpace and Users by Nocalhost Server, Read more about Nocalhost Server
  • Developers on your team can easily check out the project and start coding and debugging in the Kubernetes cluster without becoming a Kubernetes expert.


Nocalhost is battle-tested with many Kubernetes distributions including:

  • Local Kubernetes clusters like minikube, Microk8s, K3s and Docker Desktop
  • Managed Kubernetes clusters like TKE (Tencent), ACK (Alibaba Cloud), GKE (Google), Microsoft Azure
  • Self-managed Kubernetes cluster (e.g. created with KubeSphere or Rancher)
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