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Manage Cluster

Connect to Kubernetes Cluster#

Nocalhost supports multi cluster management, There are two methods that you can use to connect to Kubernetes cluster:

Connect By KubeConfig

Select the KubeConfig file from any local directory.

Default KubeConfig

Nocalhost will try to load KubeConfig from your local ~/.kube/config by default.

Paste KubeConfig as Text

Paste the KubeConfig as a text.

Get KubeConfig

You can use the following command to view your KubeConfig, copy and paste to the Nocalhost plugin.

kubectl config view --minify --raw --flatten
Connect to cluster in VS Code

Remove Cluster#

KubeConfig Unchanged

Nocalhost will only remove the cluster from inspector, it will not modify your KubeConfig.

Remove cluster in VS Code

View KubeConfig#

Right-click the specified cluster and select View KubeConfig, the Nocalhost plugin will open the KubeConfig of the cluster.

View KubeConfig in VS Code
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